reStart – Autumn Edition

When feeling quite purposeless, especially in a new country (I am currently, temporarily residing in Berlin, Germany) I tend to look for new projects to distract myself.

A brief explanation for the need for a new project –

Navigating through the labyrinth of my home uni and host uni’s administrative systems. Thus, patiently waiting and processing documents so that I can study in Berlin for the winter semester without any problems that might surprise me in the future.

During this period of relative idleness, I’ve decided to restart my blogging process.

However, this time it will be focused on my progress and search for my so-called “passion” and strength in life.

Interestingly enough this thought only occurred after I watched a TED talk called How to find work you love by Scott Dismore, founder of Live Your Legend .

I personally enjoy walking and listening to podcasts and TED talks, especially when I’m walking around and want to spend my commute productively.

I’m at a point in my life where I’m unsure of what I’d specifically like to do – I’m 23 for those of you who are interested. As my academic career comes to an end, I feel more desperate to know what I love and how I can use that to my advantage. Of course the last thing I want to be doing is packing groceries trying to pay off my ridiculous student loans.

So I’ve decided to take on this project to find my passion that would potentially help me find my future profession.

I’ll be keeping an update of this progress and hopefully I’ll have something interesting to say for the next post.



Thoughts and Sushi

I figure blogging should be more consistent.

Because I’m lacking content and a concept for my blog site, I decided that it’ll consist of random and noteworthy thoughts I’ll share with anyone who cares to read. Along with it I’ll occasionally, or quite frequently, mention food and culture. Few of my greatest passions.

I find that despite being a poor and frequently broke college student, it is EXTREMELY difficult for me to restrain myself from spending too much on food. I enjoy cooking but some things should just be done by a professional.

Well the other day I was driving around the Asian markets trying to pick up ingredients to make spring rolls. It was my first time visiting the Japanese market called Marukai in the area, which happened to have sushi rolls and other Japanese goods. Normally, I refrain from buying pre-made market lunch boxes and such because they tend to be in poor conditions and/or taste sub par. However, this market did not disappoint! I was pleasantly surprised by their sushi rolls that cost half the price of a “Japanese” restaurant and tasted great.

It will be my new when-I’m-too-broke-for-my-own-good-but-am-craving-sushi place.

Here’s a picture of my finding:

Does anyone else have such trouble taming their stubborn cravings? What do you do about it?


First of many…


I’ve never really considered blogging, especially for the hell of doing so. However with some encouragements from dear friends, I’ve decided to hop on the bandwagon. I don’t have a specific purpose or “theme” to do this. I just want to share or write my thoughts publicly. I thought summer would be the perfect time to start without distractions and stress from school, which is often my reason to pushing off any projects.

I’m someone with many thoughts and curiosities. Sometimes I find myself too passive and over ambitious, great combination right? Sometimes I’m an extreme introvert where I simply don’t want to interact with anyone else but myself, strangers are an exception. On the other hand, I can be an extrovert where I don’t want to do anything without the company of others. Currently, I’m where I want to be alone to enjoy my time off and the great weather in San Diego. I don’t want anyone else’s opinion and comments interrupting my thoughts at the moment. I’m enjoying the time to look outside and just blankly stare at the people walking by and not being concerned of anyone or anything else around me. That’s the current state that I’m in.

I should probably add some background to this narrative: I’m an undergraduate student studying history at a university in San Diego, California. I hate just saying “history” because it’s too complicated to be simplified in that way. To be technical, I’m specializing European history. I enjoy the modern time period, almost anything post WWI. The relevance and influence of our past to the present is just too fascinating for me not to learn about. I think one of the most interesting things I’ve learned that was able to help me build my own opinion of the present was socialism and communism. *gasp* I won’t go into details of my personal views because I still think I don’t know enough to eloquently present a detailed perspective.

I’m also someone who wants to do a million things at the same time. My friends like to say that I go through “phases”. As much as I hate to admit it, I agree with them. However, my phases aren’t something that simply come and go for the sake of it. I enjoy something as much as I can during that time and learn whatever there is to learn from it then move on. I’m sure many people are like this. My current “obsessions”/ interests/ phase/ focus/ any other synonyms is getting the hell out of America.

I’ve always dreamt about going to Spain and perfecting my Spanish since high school, but it was forgotten as I directed my energy towards other things the past couple years. Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m making more friends who are from Europe and I’m dating a French native who is well traveled and cultured. I don’t think I can say that I value culture when I haven’t been outside of California since I was 10. I embrace and love learning of different cultures but I think it’s only appropriate for me to experience it first hand. My internet tabs have been filled with traveling abroad and how to do so on a budget. I definitely need to take the advantage of my age and the little responsibilities I have at the moment. If not now, when?

On that note, I want to share a quote that stuck out at me while I was rereading The Little Prince, “One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.”